12 P’s

Piss poor preparation promotes piss poor performance.  Piss poor performance promotes pain.

About two (2) months ago Rhino was assessing the building in which our Principal reports to work.  The purpose was to see if any new occupants had moved in in the last couple months since his last assessment.  When he reached one floor he noticed that the floor was heavily secured at this time and that the company that occupied the floor could be a potential asset to BPI and visa versa.

Yesterday he called the company and asked if they had need for the type of services BPI provided.  The person on the phone asked him to come in yesterday, but Rhino was busy working.  Subsequently, the meeting was set up for today with me to meet a partner of the company.  I immediately emailed them our company capabilties as well as the requisite bio’s for the meeting so that they would be prepped for who was coming to the office.  I immediately opened my computer up and researched the company.  I was astonished at the “Find’ that Rhino ran across.  This company is founded and run by “Heads” and “Formers” of some major players on the official level.

I dug my feet in to prepare an approach to the meeting.  Clearly they know Security and Protection, so coming from the private sector I know that I will have to guage my meeting so that they know that I know what they know and that I know, and have implemented the difference in the private sector.  I also know of current and former colleagues of theirs and decided to refrain from name dropping unless it gets down to a point where I feel they may need to vet me from trusted sources.  To me, a recommendtion from a current or former client goes but so far with guys like this.  It’s a closed network and they only trust and listen to guys within that network.  The validity is in the commaradarie.

The key with any business development meeting, and any meeting for that matter is that talking alot is not adding value to who you are.  When you talk more you actually have more to defend.  Educated and wise people know if you know what you’re talking about within the first minute of a conversation.  As a former interrogator, I can tell how you start a sentence if the words following are fluff.  There is a time to qualify yourself in a conversation, but then move on.  If every sentence in your conversation is about “what you did’ it has no reflection on what you are going to do NOW.  We’ve all heard the statement, “What have you done for ME lately”.  That ties directly into, you’re only remembered by the last bad thing you’ve done.  People have moved away from giving “attaboys” and if they do, they don’t remember them but they surely remember a screw up forever.

So here’s my plan: Arrive early [ALWAYS], open the conversation by thanking them for allowing me to introduce my company as a potential asset, Always remain professional, with some light levity [No one likes a stiff], and leave them with the feeling-“DO NOT LET HIM LEAVE WITHOUT SECURING A RELATIONSHIP”

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