Piss poor preparation promotes piss poor performance. Piss poor performance promotes pain.

Then there’s the 7P’s that prevents the pain. Proper pre preparation prevents piss poor performance. I learned this mindset when i pledged my fraternity – the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated.

This mindset flows perfectly with the mindset of protection and just about anything that matters to you in life. Most of you that know me have heard me say “I stay ready so that I don’t have to get ready”.

I encourage all of you to think about this when it comes to your obligation to your clients, protectee and your companies.

Staying 2 to 3 steps ahead allows you to adjust to any situation that may come up. “If this then that” role play will evolve in your head constantly. You never want to be stuck in the oh sh*t mindset. The “this, no what” mentality will always have you in the catch up position. We strive to reside in the proactive. When you can decrease the time between moment of commitment by the adversary and your moment of reaction you increase your success rate and decrease the assailants success rate.

Mark and I play the “what do you do?” game. For instance. 3 guys approach you while your working a protectee, one guy goes in his waist band the other 2 begin arguing. What do you do? Anything to keep your mind working.

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