3 columns of Protection-Pt. 1

There are 3 columns to protection:

  1. Executive Protection (Close in personnel protection)
  2. High Risk Protection ( aka PSD )
  3. Bodyguard security

I coined them “Columns” because there is a clear and fundamental difference between the three. The patforms are different as well as there is specific training to 2 of the 3 and no specific training to column number 3. You may attend a vetted EP course but 99% of what you learned you never use. You are what Mark calls a “Sentinal” on duty.

The terms “VIP and celebrity protection” are driving me nuts, Why, you ask? Becuase this is a way that a certain sect of our industry tries to mask what they are really doing. These are the BG’s that are doing BG work for Hollywood’s elite and the music industry’s middle to high profile stars. Words mean everything and yet to utilize a word to professionalize what you are doing is window dressing.

Bill Gates is a celebrity, Chris Matthews of MSNBC is a celebrity, but that’s not who they are talking about. They are talking about the Madonnas, Brittany Spears, the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie et al. These are what Mark coined as “Notables”. The more we have looked at this misuse of terminolgy the more it is apparent that its usage is an attempt to raise the bar on a service that is clearly what it is, Bodyguard work or the protection of notables. When you get down to the brass tacks you are hired to look menacing, stand at the ready to pummel someone and the one I like the most, your version of a non dynamic shield/and move technique- placing your arms around your protectee’s shoulder to move them to safety. Later I will blog on why you are more vulnerable in that position than not doing it at all. The irony of this whole topic is that your client base wouldn’t know true executive protection, beacuse they only think it is afforded to the President.

As I have said over and over is this, there is a respectable market in this protection of notables and I understand its limitations. The fact that this client base does not buy into the true scope of executive protection can you really say that you are providing executive protection to a limited spectrum placed before you? If your definition of an advance is fronting you money in lieu of work and not the pre security assessment of a site before a visit, then you are right where I am talking about. Even if a client will not allow me to bill for an advance, WE DO IT ANYWAY. That’s the core of the service we provide. If I don’t then I am just showing up.

The bottom line is this, no matter what flowery words you want to use to validate yourself, you are only providing one of the 3 columns of protection – Bodyguard protection. When you look at the 3 columns be honest with yourself and see where you reside. Own that space and claim your true area of expertise.

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