3 Columns of Protection-Pt. 3

Over the last 2 days I have bloggd about, what I consider, the other 2 columns of protection, bodyguard security and High Threat.High Risk protection aka PSD.  Today I will speak briefly about the center column-Executive Protection.  I have separated them this way part in parcel due to the training, the platforms and the extreme levels in which the task is performed.

Historically, the exeuctive protection brand is the column that conjurs the suited professional that navigates him or herself through the corporate and diplomatic types with ease in a sophisticated manner executive manner.  It is neither as extreme as the right column of PSD nor as lackadaisical as bodyguard security.  It is the equalizer of all 3, yet it is the column that takes the most heat by subsidizing the errors inflicted upon it by the other 2.  In it also the most common column that is used by persons who mask their true abilities to operate by using the columns name in their Bio.

There is a draw to a potential client when a resume or Bio reads. “I am trained or worked as an executive protection specialist’.  To the average reader it implies that you “Specialize in executive protection”.  Key word Specialist.  There is very little, if no, appeal in, “I am a professional bodyguard”  On the far right, most clients under the domestic umbrella are not looking for the extremist specialist.  “I conducted “High threat/High risk protective operations in non-permissive environments.  Although clients don’t and can’t appreciate the vast amount of training and fortitude that goes along with this column, they pidgeon hole this column with aggressive manner in which they view this type of protection is performed.  That, in and of itself, is an automatic turn off.  What’s the remedy?  The middle column-Executive Protection.  It’s easy to use this watchword and meld into a client’s inner circle.  It’s not until they get to see it that they are turned off and the worst of all domino effects takes place.  They assume all executive protection specialists are the same.

Men and women who are true executive protection specialists that dwell solely within this middle column are suffering from an identity crisis today.  True EP Specialists are trying to separate themselves from the turmoil eminating from the aforementioned evolution.  How do we survive in in this melee for identity?

It would take too much energy and resources to identify fraudulent misrepresentation.  This blog is populated by client subscribers and I have received calls and emails from other potential clients asking for recommendations.  In each and every conversation I intimate to them or their proxy what to look for as well as the differences> That is a responsibility that we have. Get the word out.  The other thing is be careful who or what you hitch your professional wagon to.  Every trip will not take you to the stars.  By the time you get pulled through the mud, it will take forever to clean yourself off and be able to re-establish yourself in the center column.

In closing let me reiterate, all three columns have their own respective client base.  All three are fundamentally different from each other in training, certification and most importantly-MINDSET.

The 3 columns of Protection;

  • Left Doric Column -Bodyguard Security
  • Center Corinthian Column- Executive Protection
  • Right Ionic Column- PSD


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