A good thing ends for some.

The local DC news stations reported this morning that citizens are enraged about reports that the MPD has been conducting Police escorts for the likes of Charlie Sheen, Jay-Z, Bill Gates and others. Apparently when Mr. Sheen was in DC after his separation with his show, he was interviewed and stated that his police escort traveled in excess of 80 mph and ran red lights.

MPD police chief stated that these escorts are limited to POTUS and approved dignitaries. She also stated that these officers did Not have the authority to travel outside of DC The head of DC’s Fraternal Order of Police stated that the escorts have been done for years and did not violate any SOP.

We’ve never used a police escort in DC per se however some assistance has been rendered in the past.

The pros and cons of having police escorts pretty much balance out in DC for private. Sure you can expedite through the city however the the attention you bring cancels out the anonymity of your detail.

These motor units are well versed in handling their motorcycles in the city and are trained In motorcade operations, however I’ve never seen or heard of what their training is and what their response is under attack from a motorcycle in a ” non-official” capacity. Working part-time or for gratis doesn’t carry the same sworn response than it would if they were supporting an official motorcade.

Flying down the road behind lights and sirens looks cool and gets your chest and lats pumped up. But that’s ended. You’ll have to get that pump the old fashion way- push ups and pull ups.

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