A Mind is a Terrible Thing to waste

As I viewed this picture, I could not find any reason why these dudes would stoop so low to take a pic with their protectee, Ms. Winehouse’s ashes.  It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  I’ve actually lost count of the words that come to mind, but classless, tasteless, irresponsible and stupid follow the first word that came to mind – unprofessional.

There are naysayers out there that are blaming them in many ways for not protecting her from herself.  Let me say this, if a protectee wants to conduct illicit behavior without your knowledge, they are going to do it.  If, however, you knowingly help facilitate that behavior, then you are responsible and should be held accountable.

What has pained me the most is that this picture has circulated the social media and several blogs, yet no one is speaking out against them.  If you have a large following and don’t bring attention to this crappy behavior, you are condoning it.  Merely posting the picture with no expert opinion is no difference than posting a pic of the Washington Monument without explaining why the bricks on the lower half are different from the upper portion.  It means nothing. So in your timidity, I will remain as the EP rebel and call this crap out.  

I can not remember at any time, when Ronald Reagan’s body was in the US Capitol, did any former USSS members on his PPD Shift, stop to take a picture next to the casket.  Why?  Because it never crossed their mind, because honestly, it’s STUPID.  As I looked at this pic over and over I could only imagine, that shortly thereafter, one of them reached in their suit pocket, retrieve a 40 ounce beverage, pass it around to the other bodyguard homies then pour some on the ground for the other homies that didn’t make it.

If you are hurt by my words here, no worries, because you wouldn’t work for me anyway.  The botton line is that all of my clients and future clients that follow this blog appreciate my stance on this and how I treat and respect their privacy.

Two fingahs to the Bodyguards [Peace out playas] 


  1. Mark

    While I may only show my head randomly while humbly holding a glass of water for you stage right in these endeavors; I must rush out on stage now and position myself in your well. You bravely charge into the fell clutches of this “catfish” world and expose these hacks and bums alike for what they are. Anyone that consider themselves a subject matter expert on the tactics and skills of our craft must also train in the ethics and optics of that craft. Here is another opportunity to fight the disgusting perception that these and those alike inclusively splatter the rest of us with. I challenge any so called expert or up and coming to justify the opposing position of the quiet professional in any circumstance other than a court order.

    There are those that think that “well I am saying good things” or “I have to do it for the good of something else”. No, you have to keep your mouth shut and be what most cannot and that is quiet. What we do is not a fashion show or popularity contest no matter what the intentions are or how cute you are with your bald head and sunglasses; Except for those that like to dress up and model next to their principal, no pun intended.

    This isn’t just random opinion speak, this goes to business. The reason I say that is that I know there are some out there that blame some of their “gray area” actions on “marketing”. Here is the deal, any high end client that really needs our service knows that access must be given to appropriately execute the craft. If a photo is taken of you while you are working that’s one thing but If these “marketing” masters or straight up catfish make the rest of us look like we will jump at any opportunity to bask in the limelight or take advantage of said access no business is to be had. So, unless you witness a crime or a guy in a black robe taps you on your shoulder, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT AND STOP POSING FOR PICTURES.

    Ill be stage right if you need another sip of water.

  2. BPI Security

    I am Eric Konohia and I approve this message.

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