Access denied Mr CEO

When working a special event where you have been given the rules of engagement are that NO ONE accesses the meeting space without first registering and obtaining a badge, the rules are clear by the client.
Then you see a known CEO from “X” company that is supposed to attend the meeting, what do you do?
If there isn’t a staffer close by that can escort the CEO, thereby putting the responsibility on the clients staff, you maintain the orders given. “Sir, it is necessary that you check in and get your badge for the meeting”. Done professionally, you are covered. Irrespective if you know he is supposed to be at the meeting and you bend the rules and let him in, you have set up yourself and your team.
If the client sees him and wonders why he doesn’t have a badge, guess what? He’s not going to ask him. He’s going to the detail leader. Then the fecal matter starts rolling down hill. Unless you are given exceptions to the rules of engagement, everyone must be held to the same standard. I dont like dealing with exceptions if at all possible, because if you made one person get the badge and they see you let the exception through, now you’re in an un necessary Q&A session.
You can’t just blurt out, “The client told me he was good without one” because now you’ve exposed client favoritism and you will hear about your loose bad choice of response.
It is always necessary to get clear rules from the client. Stick to them and if all fails you fall back on “I followed the procedures”.
The main ingredient is always Professionalism.

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