Admiral Mullen wants everyone to shut up

It was just of matter or time before someone came out and said’ “shut your pie holes”. I will take a leap here and assume that he’s not only talking about the government officials who are talking about the op but also the formers who are talking as experts on how the op transpired from their personal perspective and previous experiences.

The same goes with us and clients. I have all of my guys sign NDA’s known as non disclosure agreements. We have moral and professional responsibility to keep our clients and operations thereof discreet.

Naming clients in your bio or resume can be viewed as a violation. Some clients don’t want the general public to know that they use protection. There are also times where clients don’t want to deal with the backlash that goes along with the amount of money spent on protection.

The feeding frenzy on this UBL Op has spawned a wave of so called experts to rise to the occasion and get in front of the boob tube.

YouTube had reported that the amount of viewers searching navy seals has gone through the roof.

Rule of the day, “shut your pie hole unless you’re eating pie”.


  1. Professor

    I agree. I think we talk entirely too much in this Country. I guess we don't think the enemy is listening.

  2. BPI Security

    In the late 70's early 80's. The popular show 60 minutes did a show on, get this, how easy it would be to hijack a commercial airline and crash it into highly populated areas within the country.
    Sound familiar to anyone? Even if they didn't use this specific show as garnering their idea, was it necessary to air.
    Professor, thank you for sharing and I totally agree.

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