Advancing the route within the advance

Heres a suggestion that I am going to make that will save you some headaches. Let me reiterate a fact that I like to drive home.

When the USSS at at a location, for the most part they OWN that locale. All avenues to and from as well as within are clean and clear. In the private sector we don’t have the luxury of that comfort.

If I’ve had a site advanced and I’m using a site guy I will always have him/her re-walk a predetermined route within a venue. For instance, we were covering a protectee last year at the Washington convention center. Within that monstrosity we had several meetings, break outs and interviews. My site guy new the itinerary and when and where we had to go throughout each day. We chose most of our routes to incorporate “back of the house” pathways to alleviate crowds and ease of travel.

10 minutes before each movement I would punch a specialist to the next meeting space to secure the room by vision and or presence as well as the ability to give the shift a sitrep of the room.

5 mikes before the movement, I’d make my site guy walk the route. Why, you ask? Because if there is one thing that always will change in a hotel, convention center etc is the back of the house. The ability to advance the route within the advance alleviates surprises like: staffers congregating, chairs and tables being staged for other meeting spaces, wet and slippery terrain. More importantly, the back of house area is probably the least secured area of a venue of that type.

Loss prevention departments at hotels focus most of their attention on just that “loss”. Areas such as fire safety, customer safety, customer lost or stolen property etc. Convention and large venue security mainly focus on access control. Inadvertently the back of the house is often populated by vendors making deliveries as well as staffers seeking a break from the daily doldrums.

Walking back of the house gives normalcy to the daily routine of hotels and large venues and eases the eyes and queries of onlookers. However, it can be a double edged sword if you don’t plan ahead.

Use your resources wisely and make every opportunity a useful one.

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