Are we turning into ambulance chasers? That used to be what they called Lawyers.

I couldn’t help but laugh as the blogs, tweets and posts from all over the country started talking about freed American Amanda Knox and whether or not she needs security.  Come on guys, we are starting to sound like a bunch of sharks on a feeding frenzy everytime something major in the media occurs that brings about huge coverage.

Unless you are an insider and have already conducted an assessment, there is no reason to even start thinking that she needs security.  Secondly, are we conjuring up threats or perceived threats based on media coverage?  It sure does seem like it.  At the end of the day we rely on someone close to the person to make a recommendation to that person that there may be a security issue.  I have never walked up to someone and said, “You need security” without having a proper introduction based on a security need.  Short of that we would look like girlscouts standing in front of Walmart selling Samoas and Thin Mints.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with what they do, but we don’t conduct our business like that.

I am 100% behind proactive thinking and proactive mindset, however the fact of the matter is that the majority of our work comes after an event has occurred.  Until you’ve established a relationship with a company and have effectively educated them on proactive thinking you will receive the call to deploy after some type of event has occurred.  Many companies are starting to catch on to the pre-emptive call mindset.  Companies now call prior to terminations, many times because of an incident that occurred previously and sometimes because of incidences that they have heard from other companies.  Special events are the same, usually the client is being proactive due to the circumstances of the event as well as the possibility of a problem mitigation scenario.

The issue is when there are signs that occur prior to an event that are ignored or seem insignificant.  As these “insignificant” signs start piling up no one can put the pieces together to paint a picture.  That’s where we come in.  We are trained to see the signs before it gets to the “GO-GO-GO” level.  But if we push the “GO-GO-GO” button before there are any signs, clients and potential clients will stray away from our expertise.

The other day, I received a call from a guy who said he saw the singer John Legend on TMZ walking down Rodeo drive alone with no security.  I asked him why was that a problem?  His answer was textbook, “He’s a celebrity and has money”.  I responded, “If that was Juarez Mexico I would agree with you.”  This is the typical sign of the times.  Everyone does not need an EP Team on them and some of those that need it don’t want the presence.  The other thing is what Paul Viollis said in his interview on my blog, “Clients have a low valuation for security”. 

Until we start educating the client base and let the word transmit through their networks we will always be pretty much chasing the rabbit.

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