Are you dirty?

I had a conversation awhile back with a specialist that carried an ASP on his person when he worked. He said that he was trained and certified with the instrument. That doesn’t mean that you can carry it lawfully. It’s the same analogy as if you go to a shooting school and successfully pass the course and get their gorgeous lamb skin certificate. You aren’t automatically able to wear that weapon concealed AND if you do possess a CCW in that respective jurisdiction it does NOT mean you can carry it while doing protection work. You have to know the law. In the state of VA you have to have the CCW and an endorsement card as well.

While I’m on this subject. Let me bring up the HR218 topic. When Bush passed the law to essentially put more guns on the street to help fight the war on terrorism. Here’s the newsflash- that HR-218 can not be used to work protection work. If you use HR-218 personnel on your protection details you are, as they say in the streets, “riding dirty”.

You it to yourself, your company and your protectee to make sure you are licensed to carry what you use on duty.

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