Are you dressed for work or for Church

Alan Flusser has a book that I purchased called, “Dressing the Man”. In it he articulates every aspect of a well dressed man. From suits, shirts, cufflinks, braces [commonly called suspenders incorrectly] to shoes, socks, ascots, ties, bowties, pocket squares etc. It’s a pricey book but every well dressed Specialist should have one in his library next to his multiple guns and ammo magazines.

I often tell the story of one of my specialists that got his first opportunity to work a true Close-in protection detail in Washington, DC. He finally got the call from me that he was transitioning from “Hall and Walls” to working the Shift.

He reported early, which was good. But when I saw him my eyes evulsed!!!! His suit jacket had about 10 buttons; enough to make 3 more suits. The jacket extended to his knees. You have to imagine a 6’3″ well put together man, that in any clothing looks like a Greek God statue in front of the Parthenon. His suit had pinstripes so profound that I didn’t know if the suit was a white suit with black material, or a black suit with white pinstripes.

I professionally, pulled him aside and had the “you can’t wear that in corporate America” conversation. After I expalined why, he totally understood. He just didn’t know. He felt that the same suit he worshipped God in was sufficient to wear while protecting a foreign dignitary. In fact, it is NOT.

A dark suit, properly tailored is in most cases the way you want to go. Conservative tie, pressed shirt and CLEAN, did I mention CLEAN shoes is the proper presentation in my view, for a protection specialist.

Suits off the rack do not fit me well. If I find a jacket that fits, the trousers are normally too big. I solved the problem by finding a tailor that does my suits and shirts at a reasonable price. There is NOTHING like a tailor made suit. I do understand that everyone doesn’t deal in extremes like this but you are your own calling card when you step out of the car, hotel apron etc.

If you buy a suit off the rack, most of these stores have seamstresses that work in the repsective stores. They will ask you the pertinent questions:

How much of a break do you want
Do you want 1/4″ of the shirt sleeve to show from the jacket
What size cuff do you like

By the time you leave the store that suit that was sitting there lonley on the store rack will be fitted for you.

Mens shoes are expensive and the more money you pay, its seems the more they hurt after being in them for extended hours. Ecco makes very nice soft soled shoes that hold a shine and feel like sneakers. There is an old saying, “when the feet go bad so does the body”. Most of us have experienced back pain and neck soreness after a long day. Much of this is contributed to your fitness level but alot is due to improper footwear.

I can go on and on about this issue and there are different “dress codes” of the day depending on the mission set and how the protectee is dressed for the occasion. I have spanned the closet from wearing jeans and a Tee shirt, to 5.11 tactical pants and a buttoned shirt to full tactical gear with a safariland 6004 thigh rig, blackhawk commando vest with 6 loaded mags and a 10 1/2″ M-4 slung over my shoulder. It’s imperative that you dress properly and more importantly dress for success.

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