Are you ready?

It’s your turn to do the advance. Are you ready. You’ve done post positions and worked the formation. You’ve done route planning and secondary route planning. But now you have to earn your keep.

When arriving curbside I’m looking for you to have the answers, the choreograph between open door (vehicle) to open door (venue) and every movement inside until we leave.

Are you ready to relay to me how each room is set up so that we know how to post specialists? Where do we go if the fecal matter hits the rotary oscillator? Where do the cars stage?

I’m blogging this because I’ve seen seasoned guys choke on advances. From my perspective you are the shifts eyes in what we could perceive as a dark place. If you’re lost, guess what? So are we.

Alot of detail leaders and other companies treat the advance specialist differently but just know that I view you high on the food chain when we arrive at an unknown location.

Mark teaches what he calls a hasty advance for those incidences where time is limited, but the formula is the same. How do we …., where do we ….., if something goes wrong where do we….., and how do

One of the best things you can do is rehearse doing an advance when you’re on your own time. When you go to a movie act as if you’re advancing it for a protectee.

Practice makes perfect.

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