Are you really equipped to consult?

As we all should know, there is a rise in workplace violence and as Paul Viollis stated in my interview with him there is an uptick in domestice workplace violence.  Workplace violence and the potentiality of the same has been a mainstay of Executive Protection services for some time now.  We have clients that call us monthly to help mitigate the potential problems.  That being said there is a specific process that we use to set up our personnel. 

This process has been founded on years of experience and studies on how to handle these situations.  If you and your company just show up and post specialists throughout the office and waiting for the ticking bomb to go off, you are NOT doing you, your company and the client any good.  There is a step by step process that has to be put in place before you put Cole Haans on the ground and after they leave.  Working a client through this process will show that you understand the seriousness of WPV and it will ease their minds in order to keep the office space in normality.

Terminations are the same.  In fact, terminations can be a primer to workplace violence.  Historically, that was the case. There is a process that starts before a shoe hits the ground.  Historical information, who is privy to the termination, who will execute the termination and other factors HAVE to be spelled out so that you can deploy properly and effectively.  Understanding the mechanics of a termination is imoprtant.  Additionally, making the recommendation on what day of the week is preferable to mitigate recourse by the employee.  You should already know all of these factors when you get the call to act.

The end result is that you want the client to understand the mechanics of conducting a termination and when they call you they already have many of the pieces in place as well as they will call you well ahead of the day as opposed to the day before as many neophyte clients do.  It’s not their fault because they don’t know in most cases.  Employees can do hundreds of terminations and look at them as standard operating procedure.  In doing that they become complacent and miss the signs of a problem.  Having a security consultant can take away most of the guessing out of the process.

There are many experts in our midst that give training, seminars and conferences on the subject matters and if you or your company handles these types of workplace issues, you need to get yourself properly trained to handle the call when it comes.

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