As I predicted.

We always empasize proactive thinking in executive protection.  Thinking 2 and 3 steps ahead is the bread and butter of how we differentiate our craft from that of just a security person.  A couple of days ago I posted “Occupy Wallstreet….Occupational responsibilty”.  Of all the blogs I’ve done since the launch of this site, I can honestly say that I received the least amounts of texts, tweets or emails on how informative it was.  Rather than jumping to conclusions, I will assume that everyone is hard at work following up on what I suggested.  For the record, I do not do this blog for accolades however, that specific blog should have hit home with many of the companies that read this blog. 

Since that blog, we have had to staff six(8) different details and have had conference calls with other clients who feel that what we predict is serious enough to warrant some change in their standard plans.  Basic security plans that most clients have are not based on a proactive  mindset.  Most are centered around basic building and office security, however a new robust mindset should be employed to minimize predictability and intel gathering.  The days of squandering off aggressive mailings and phone calls as a “crazy individual” needs to be replaced with a smarter intel gathering mechanism whereby a clearer picture can be drawn.  Every employee needs to be “deputized” in a sense to become part of the security apparatus.  What I mean is that the corporate security manager or security consultant needs to emphasize a new plan based on what we are dealing with today and intimate that plan to all employees.  The days of solely relying on the uniform secuity guard in the lobby are OVER.  Keep in mind that most of these security companies are responsible for other occupants in the building and your client.  Most alarming is that they don’t have a specific interest in that building.

Me and two (2) of my trusted assets are putting together a document to send out to CEO’s that may be affected by this surge in frustration fueled by the economy and exacerbated by the recent protests around the world.  The recommended changes are simple but may be uncomfortable to many due to its emphasis on proactive implementation and unpredictabilty on their part.  Many may view these measures as extreme or uncomfortable, but it’s the nature of the business and the pains associated with growth. The key to this is understanding that “working harder means working smarter”

Once again I urge each and everyone of you to take a serious look at your client base and consult with the ones who are affected.

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