ATF 5320.20

For those of you with class 3 weapons I was reminded this weekend by rhino on the process of transporting that weapon out of your registered state. Even if you’re going to train. You must go to ATF.gov and download the form and submit it in order to transport that baby out of state. Don’t get caught riding dirty. That federal charge is not a game and you’ll lose your license. Don’t forget it’s a privilege to have that SBR and it sure feels good to have it.

I have a very close friend that was carrying his handgun to a range on his motorcycle and got stopped by a transit police officer that arrested him. Not only did he get convicted but he had to spend weekends in jail. He can no longer even possess a weapon. Just imagine if it was a class 3.

I have a unrestricted CCW in MD and I got stopped on a federal portion of the Baltimore Washington parkway. I told the officer I was armed and showed him my permit. He took my weapon and handcuffed me. He said I could retrieve my weapon later that day at his station. After much pleading he told me to put it in my trunk until I traversed through the federal portion of the roadway.

It was 0300 and I was headed to Baltimore city ( known for it’s shootings and homicide rate). I refused to go into the city butt naked. It was an eye opening experience for me.

Stay safe but more importantly, stay legal.

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  1. Rhino

    The law for carriying in federally owned parks has changed it is legal to carry in national parks now with a legal state issued ccw license but you should carry a copy of the law with you cause there are a lot of officers that don't know the law ,go figure .the law changed in 2010.

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