BPI Security Newsletter- “The Call Sign”

Over the past years I have viewed countless Executive Protection websites to see how my colleagues, notice I didn’t say competitors, are showing their “store front”.  I observed a section in some of their sites that was not present in others.  There was a section that was geared to “How to choose the right Executive Protection Company”.  The sites I am referring to normally used this section of their site to point out factors that a client should look for before choosing a company.  Some of the bullets were: licensed in the state to perform the service, insured etc..  All of this is good and I agree with this angle.  This falls in lin with what we believe in the Boanerges Group as “Educating the Client”.

Educating the client has many purposes. It directs them in the proper direction to narrow their search to qualified security professionals that can provide the exact service they need.  Secondly, it brings attention to what provider they use now and see if they made the right choice.  Educating a client should not be viewed as a whistle blowing tactic, however it’s more like sounding the horn on what a professional company and its specialists should look like and perform.

The BPI Newsletter- “The Call Sign” has 2 purposes.  It is intended to educate the protection proivders, the specialists as well as the client base.  The Call Sign is broken up in 3 sections:

Detail of the Month: I discuss an aspect of a BPI Security detail and how we dealt with an issue

Front Right Seat: This is an instructional/tutorial section geared to the protection specialist who sits in the front right seat.

Educatiing the Client: Also referred to as “Client School”  Here I speak directly to the client base and things they should do from their end to make the job of the protection specialist or security company smoother.  There are small steps or measures that clients can do on the front end that will help a security team provide a better service.  This is where I point out those recommendations.

The overall newsletter is formatted in a way that the client can learn from the Detail of the month section as well as the Front right seat section.  As they read they are privy on what the specialist should be doing as well as subconciously guiding them on how to accept the things that we do.  For instance, if I write that the Detail Leader/AIC should not be having conversations while in the limo with the protectee unless absolutely necessary, then the client will know that you aren’t being anti-social. Conversely, if I say in the “Educating the Client” section that the client should include you in their pre-con meetings before a special event, then you as the specialist know that you should be there or at least start asking to be present.

The only people that will receive The Call Sign are those who have registered for the blog and clients that I have been asked to send it to.  I encourage you to pass the word around so that we can infect and affect this industry in a positive and viral way.  I also encourage you to pass the word to your clients.  Sign up, pass the word around that The Call Sign is “Oscar Mike”


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