Breaking through the armored EP door

On several of the EP networks on linkedin guys and girls post their inquiries about breaking into the industry. They posses varying levels of expertise and training, from former to current law enforcement, and military to people currently doing uniformed security and lastly those that are just drawn to the appeal of EP.

From my perspective none of them have any more draw to me than that of the other. I have guys in my camp that have no previous law enforcement nor military background and I would pit their skills up against that of any specialist with the same amount of time on deck.

If you’re reading this blog and are trying to breakthrough the steel door of the silent professional there are basic criterium that you’ll need irrespective of what company you’re looking to attach to.

The first is a proper professional mindset. Although this will vary from company to company, the resounding desire is to always have someone that can work well autonomously and in a team dynamic. If I send you on a detail alone, I don’t want to worry whether or not you’re representing BPI well nor do I want to call and manage you from my office or car. Mindset also comes in with the ability to always have your cup half full and willing to learn as you work. I always say that the basic playbook to EP has not changed, just the audibles have.

The second is the willingness to sacrifice. The nature of our business implies a high level of sacrifice. Face it, you’re saying that you are ready to jump in front of an assailants attempt to assault or kill someone. Even if it never happens you are sacrificing that possibility every time you put that pigtail in. The other level of sacrifice is the long hours in some times obscure and less desirable locations. Standing at the end of a hallway in a hotel basement is not everyones premiere post nor picture perfect idea of being an EP specialist. But it’s all part of the overall job.

Training is a must!!!! There are state and jurisdictional schools out there that teach to a required curriculum that is dictated by the governmental or sanctioning body. This is your basic course. Do not, and I mean DO NOT think that you are fully equipped to slay the dragon after this. Because you are NOT. It’s the same analogy as getting a bachelors degree in college does not sufficiently equip you to work at Job-X. That’s why it’s called the basic course. I implore you to follow up your training with courses designed like MTMS that refine your basic knowledge and add cream to your coffee. MTMS is the crucible that burns off the impurities for even the seasoned vets. We’ve trained former USSS, FBI, US military SF guys as well as 4 former British SAS guys. The key here is anyone can learn at anytime. It’s your willingness to sacrifice ( there it is again) that will open the bars to your mind.

Along the lines of training comes the part that most americans put off until new years day or the beginning of the spring season – Working out. Start moving and doing something. I’m not big on the running aspect because I feel that cross training is more applicable to what we do than running 5 miles in X amount of time. But hey, if running is your thing it’s better than than playing Wii or playstation everyday waiting on that call.

Do not go crazy and start buying a slew of gear. Gear queers without training under their belt are scary to me. Theres no real reason to buy a kitted out LWRC M-4 if you haven’t attended a course or been attached to a company per se and think that by having it, you’re more appealing to a company. But it’s your money and you can spend it however you deem appropriate.

Get and maintain a US passport. If you can afford it, get 2. It amazes me how many grown people, grown meaning adults, who do not possess a valid passport. That’s not only absurd, but it says a lot about your preparedness to life in general. If the cost is the issue, then stop drinking beer for a week, cut out 4 happy meals and there you have it. No passport? Save the phone call to us.

I will expound in the ebook on the icing aspect as it relates to wardrobe, shoes, weapon selection, etc. Although overlooked it’s another important aspect to our industry called image/presentation.

Herein lies the basic “Stuff” I feel you need. Mindset can not be purchased but you need to get it.


  1. Rhino

    A very good post pineapple ,I think this is one of my favorites .

  2. Chuck Lohry

    Gear Queers…that one is funny! We also call them wackers or mall ninjas. The cop business of full of these "tacti-cool" fellas!

  3. BPI Security

    Well well well. If it isn't the renowned chuck Lowry. Thanks for reading chuck

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