Call sign Geronimo K-I-A. What’s next for us?

The country and much of the world is celebrating the surgical operation on UBL. The cheers and singing of the national anthem are resounding in the DC area and every news camera and station is only covering this story.

The back story is this: UBL was the figure head on this fight on terrorism. Killing him was like kicking a hornets nest. To think that we have crippled Al Qaeda is like thinking that the Chicago bulls could not win when Michael Jordan had a fever. It’s foolish to think that a one armed man can’t fight. I’ve seen a man in a wheel chair deliver one of the nastiest butt whippings ever. Al qaeda is a mindset built on a belief and hatred of everything we stand for.

That being said, those of us in the business have to be extra eyes on the ground here in CONUS. The true professionals out here know what to look for and how to respond. Our jobs now are not exclusive to working a formation but also protecting ourselves. The hornets nest has no face recognition here nor does it have a modus operandi.

Sympathizers come in all shapes and colors. High value targets don’t always have to be a CEO. It can take the shape of a shopping mall. About a week ago I blogged on whether we can really think like they do? It’s time to get started.

Imagine an orchestrated attack across the country on shopping malls? Aside from the casualties, can you imagine the affect it would have on the economy? Fellow Americans would refrain from shopping in malls. The result would be devastating.
Today is not the time to go to the bar and celebrate with a drink. It’s time to settle down, dry fire and think.

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