Calm before the storm

It never fails, just before we get a wheels down for a protectee there seems to be a calmness that comes over me. When there are so many moving parts to an itinerary and having
to move within other components of an official detail, there always seems to be a moment when time seems to stand still.

It’s the time where I go through my head all of the moving parts for the Op. I casually look at all of the specialists on the detail to try to get a tell tale sign of where they are mentally.

Minister is laying across his bed watching the home shopping network and Cali, who is the protective driver is intensely looking over routes.

The serenity within the team is a sign of complete confidence that when we raise the BPI flag tonight all of us will stand to attention.

I am always curious if other specialists go through this moment in time. I’ve spoken to operators who say that they have their own pre-Op ritual that dials them in to the NOW. But for me, when I hit this calm before the storm I’m confident that all I needed to has been completed.

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