Calm down you’re still in charge

Here is the scenario:  You get a call from one of your clients who needs you to send someone to one of their sites to deal with a situation that has been prompted by threats of an employee of customer of the client.  You immediately go through your valued provider list to deploy a local asset in order to cut back on extra expense. Your normal provider is not available so you move to the next group on the list.

As you brief the “new” provider on the situation you get them dialed in on the Op and send them an email requesting the names and contact numbers to provide to the Risk Management Director of the client.  You then get a slight push back from the company owner of the provider stating, “The client can call me if he needs to interact with my guys.”  OK, I see a quick P.O.I. (period of instruction) needs to be had.

First I must come to the defense of the provider.  The initial fear is that there is a part of him that is afraid of his guys being stolen from him and that all future work will be directed to them. Along with that is the fear that if the former occurs he will be black balled in the industry as either being complicit on stealing the client, or he does’nt maintain and instill a standard in his ranks.  Further down the list of apprehension is that his specialists may be directed to do things operational that may conflict with the proper way to do things for this particular Op.  All of these fears are understood for an insecure business owner, however the train comes off the tracks when you forget the first part of the scenarion.  BPI CALLED you, not Joe Smuckatellie.

When I email you and say, “Please provide name(s) of your specialists along with contact numbers” I am only asking at the request of the Client who may need to check in and ask what their assessment is of the situation.  This often happens when the Risk Manager is located across country and may call the Branch manager or POC at the site and get an assessment from a non security perspective.  Instead of the Risk Manager calling or emailing me and asking me to call my guys or the provider’s specialist, it makes more sense to do so directly.  This saves time and effort.

If your guys are loyal they will call you and let you know when and what the call was about.  If they don’t feel it is necessary to do so, does not mean that they are being subversive.  However, if  security company calls your guys directly for another detail, then you have a legit concern.

For any of you that do this, you need to STOP.  It is unethical, but for those owners out there that are getting their footing in the business, you have to establish a standard and relationship with your guys quick fast and a hurry because the scanario I explained above is a trend and it is what we dealt with yesterday.

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