Can it be too much gear?

I’m putting on my suit and wondering if enough is enough. Radio, knife, leatherman tool, flash light, extra batteries and wires running up and behind my back.
Sometimes it feels like I have a tactical set up going on under my suit. The fact of the matter is that there are guys that wear more than what I have on. We recently did a detail with DSS and when we were in the down room for breaks I noticed that guys had enough stuff under their suits to go to the middle east.
In addition to what I have on I carry by Blackhawk 3 day assault pack with extra stuff as well as packed as a go bag. I mean I’m carrying everything short of a flash bang. And believe me I could easily convince myself that I need one on hand.
I think that as the years have come and gone I have convinced myself that I need to bring more stuff that I rarely use. Most of which is in the event of a personal emergency as well as a quick fix solution.
After this detail I am going to do a serious personal audit to see if I’m becoming an EP hoarder.
Check you gear that you carry when working in CONUS and see if you need to do the same.


  1. Nochow

    Bro, I don’t see it as too much or hoarding. Think about it. Comms are needed for any multiple specialist, spread venue. Flashlights are great tools as well as handy defensive weapons. Leatherman for when something mechanical goes wrong (like Minister’s and Earplug’s 2 wires working loose). Knife for when that ultra important CEO has a stray thread on their suit. You forgot; fire of some sort, chapstick (plus an extra), and mints.
    It only becomes hoarding when you have to wear suspenders to keep your gear in place……

  2. Eric

    No chow
    I wasn’t trying to throw away or putt aside the essentials but we can convince ourselea to bring just about anything. I’m still wondering why you brought that red lipstick to this detail. Doesn’t match your goatee.
    As or the suspenders. That’s a tactical decision I made to be able to dispurse my gear without having to wear down my belt. I didn’t hear you say that to all the DSS guys a month ago when you were in awe of working with them side by side. Heck have you seem how your blazer looks with that IFAK bulging out the back. Lol

  3. Cher'e Heyermann

    I agree we have a tendency to add gear – as in the extra batteries. I do not have enough pockets for batteries, however they are in my assult pack in an outside pocket. As a female protective officer I find it difficult to carry a leatherman but will carry a knife. The issue of our professional appearance (to fit in with clients surroundings) is balanced with professional tools for necessities. I do carry lipstick but I have found that the new wet lipsticks are difficult to smear and stay on longer for my 12 hour shifts. Yes, we do need to rethink what we carry and the weight but it needs to fit our detail’s surroundings. LOL.

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