Can you hear me now? When comms go down

Sceanrio 1

You are approaching your destination, the Protectee is seated comfortably in the rear right seat of the primary vehicle.  Your shift leader in the front right of the follow up.  He’s frantically trying to raise the site specialist to inform him that he’s 2 mikes [minutes] out.  No JOY!!!!  He tries over and over.  The entire shift can hear him due to their proximity to him.  What do you do as the Detail Leader?  Do you scrub the arrival?  Do you continue in-bound to see if the site guy is curbside at the desiganted drop?  What do you do?

Scenario 2

You’re working a grip and grin [handshake / meet and greet], as the detail leader you see someone in the crowd that raises the hair on your neck.  You discreetly radio the shift to give that person the requisite attention he/she needs.  You can tell by their lack of reaction that no one can hear you.  Instinctively, you announce, “Pineapple, Pineapple, any station, radio check”  Everyone is oblivious to your transmission, yet the suspicious tango is still exhibiting “Red Behavior”.  Not sure if he is in the following stages of an attack sequence, you still want some more eyes on him.  What do you do?

Radios are a great tool and provide unmeasureable tactical advantage to an OP, however, just like anything they go out, batteries die, and depending on the geography, even line of sight does not insure efficiency.  Do you guys and ladies have back up hand signals or discreet vocal commands that you use?


  1. Rhino

    I always make it a habit to know where everyone is while my head is on a swivel so this way when I do transmit and it dosnt go through I can make eye contact with the person that is in that area and give the necessary hand signals .This a good time too to bring up a good point about being prepared too and the quality of the equipment you use . Guys that are running details or own the companies that run the details should take some of the money they earn from these details and reinvest in their companies by buying the best equipment for the job this way you dont have to worry about a radio not transmitting or a sweeping device not working etc. As I earn money I reinvest in my craft wheather it be in buying good quality gear or putting myself through some more training .Its always better to be over prepared than under prepared for a situation . You really shouldnt have to just wing it ,unless there are no other options . The way you train is the way you fight ! And image is everything!


  2. BPI Security

    Well put again, however no matter how much money you spend on the best equipment it still can fail you. Thats why they call cars lemons…even a mercedes can have problems every now and again. Weapons misfeed and stove pipe, and so on and so on. We use radios as a tool, but as you know, when they go bad you have to have a back up plan

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