Can you hear me now

We all know that saying on the verizon commercial and I am taking time out while at the airport to blog on an issue that just came up.
In this business most of the specialists are independents and depend on that golden egg phone call for a long term detail.
As a business owner we have our “go to” people that we use all the time. We them on a regular basis, give them the upbrief and they’re good to go.
Here is what gets me. You call the person or text a series of people and give info about a detail. Your main guy notoriously never answers his phone. From a business perspective you have to man this detail. I move down the list of good guys until someone responds.
Then you get the call from your original choice and he gets upset cause you gave it to someone else. Your phone is the direct line to whether you’re working or at home reading guns and ammo and watching the Beverly hillbillies. You have no one to blame but yourself. Sooner than later I stop calling you first because it’s a waste of my energy.
Can you hear me NOW

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