Casey Anthony security

There will no doubt be a request, followed by a feeding frenzy for security for Ms. Anthony.

This is a bitter sweet concern for many legitimate companies. Irrespective of your feelings of this case you’ll have to be able to put aside your personal convictions of her and abide by the judicial systems ruling.

That being said, you will be working feverishly performing all of the components of pure executive protection. The 3 components of: •Intentional harm
•Unintentional harm

Will come into play every second of everyday as she embarks upon her freedom. Although my personal opinion is that the prevailing issue will be embarrassment, there is a large contingent out there that wishes this woman ill will. These same nefarious individuals won’t be posted on a blotter page, but are sitting at their individual kitchen tables drinking latte’s pondering the possibilities. Sleeper cells of sorts that have been awakened by a trial fed by the media and pundents that have tossed chum into the blue seas.

As a business owner that values the professional views of this industry, i would hope that Ms. Anthony and her attorneys would vet the company thoroughly they choose. The last thing she needs is to surround herself with a group that will bring additional unnecessary attention to her life.

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