Catfish Network

Also known as “bottom feeders”.  These murky water dwellers survive off of the bottom of their habitat. 

My partner Mark Fair [MTMS] coined the term Catfish network describing a subset of individuals that have populated our industryy,in particular just outside the Washington, D.C.  This group of unethical, unprofessional bottom feeders make it a habit of seeking out current protection details,   then systematically reach out to a specialist on the detail and attempt to gain information on the client.  They stoop to even a lower level and then call the client and attempt to under bid the current company on the detail.

This has happened to me on 3 separate occasions and eventhough there were three different companies/people that approached the client, they staffed the detail with the same group of Catfish from the larger group of bottom feeders.  On one occasion in particular I received a call from a guy that claimed he worked with me during my tenure at Vance International.  He told me that he heard I had a protection detail going on and that he wanted to recommend a qualified specialist. 

This blog is more for the legitimate company owner that is reading this blog.  Beware of the Catfish network.  I’m sure that sooner or later they will be reading my blog and eventhough I haven’t mentioned any names, their whiskers will twitch.

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