Client free-be

Here is a free suggestion to all of the business owners and those of you specialists that have a relationship with a client. CONTACT them this week with something of value. Don’t call and say, ” I am just checking on you.” Contact them with something of value. It’s your job. An empty call is a waste of time and they will see right through you. Relevance and pertinence will sustain and gain from your initiative.

If you sit back and wait it gives and impression that you don’t care until they call. This industry from a client perspective is action dependant, meaning they look for us once something has already happened to them. If we go by the action dependant formula, then let our action be what they depend on and remember. I never want to be and after action provider with my client base and any new client that I get I put them in my “reach out” first priority.

Waiting for the call is not only unprofessional it is unwise and a sign of insecurity and laziness. If you have children you tell them to be careful when they leave the house because of what information you have stored in your brain from various input sources (news, radio, internet). You tell them out of your love, concern, and care based on your relationship. Replace child with client and the same applies. Love applies to the love of your chosen business, love of your reputation in the industry. You can’t be in this business for the love of money. The love your integrity, name and reputation gives birth to the money.

This is an exerpt from my upcoming book. The book is not just a how-to book, but a how-to and WHY? As you read the above exerpt from the book I tell you what to do followed by the WHY you do it. Failure to do it will give a perception of not caring. We believe perceptions are everything whether they are true or not.

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