Cliques in the Craft

You can deny it or be naive if you want to but there are cliques in this industry and in many cases cliques within cliques.  The worst part of this industry is that there are certain groups or exclusive groups that almost resemble a cult.  Their loyalty to the exclusive group is so deep that they don’t talk to or desire to work with anyone outside the exclusive “Protecternity”.  I don’t have an issue with this type of bond if everyone within the cliques were that highly qualified.

For many of you out there that are extremely qualified and have not crossed the burning sands to membership you fail to get any of the work nor do they benefit from your expertise.  But all isn’t wasted in your constant strive to excellence.  There are more companies out here that don’t operate under these clique formalities and will use you regardless. 

We’ve all heard the cliche, “Birds of a feather flock together” and that hold very true in this industry.  If you latch yourself within a group of true professionals you will find that everytime you are around them you will notice other specialists of like attainment.  Sit back and observe and you will soon find out that this is the place you want to be.

Within the Boanerges Group (BPI Security, TheMTMS, and OIC Group) our reputation has always been we play hard but work harder.  We surround ourselves with a certail personality of specialists but are not averse to helping anyone reach the STANDARD.  You can ask any of my specialists and they will tell you that there is a constant evaluation of personnel.  What they are doing, how they present themselves within the industry, making sure they don’t get too far over their skis and always educating on a personal and company level.  We aren’t a clique, but it’s better to view us as a family.

I keep reiterating this but, how often do you hear from your mentor, service provider contractor?  Do they call you or text you back?  How long does it take and are they calling you back or one of their dopplegangers.  I will always try to answer or respond back to a call, text or email in a timely fashion.

If you are a lone wolf looking for a home or to get on someones call sign list, you need to get associated with other specialists that are like you.  Associate yourself with others so that your network networth increases.

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