Craft the client

Yesterday I had a mission critical need in the south and I called my go to sub-contractor to assist as I normally do.  He told me that he would work on staffing the detail for me.  Before you jump to conclusions and ask why I didn’t send one of my own, I will explain.  When I use a local asset in a specific area of the country it saves the client expenses on travel, lodging and meal expenses.  By maintaning valuable relationships with good vetted subs throughout the country it extends my footprint across the globe.  Just as important, I stay on top of the local governing laws that prohibit individual specialists from contracting directly from an alien company even if they are licensed to operate in that state.  This state in particular is very vigilant on keeping that enforced.

As normal, when I called my normal source and he said that he’d work on the staffing I also contacted one of my connections on Linkedin whose company operates in that specific state.  When he called me back he opened the dialogue by virtually mirroring every position that I have voiced on my social media soapbox.  After his initial introduction I told him that I had the detail staffed.  His response was, “I hope it wasn’t …….” whereby he rattled off about four (4) company names.  I initially didn’t draw any conclusions from his revelation because they could have been his main competition and his reasons could have been self promoting.  As he continued he explained that the companies he named were doing the same unethical and unprofessional behaviors that I scream about.  In essence this company owner was giving me advance intel to protect me and BPI Security.  He went on to say that there was a notable that came to his state and was using an out of state protection company for a big event.  The good ole boys that do this business the right way called the governing body in said state and they showed up.  Let’s just say it didn’t fare well for the out of state, unlicensed group and the principal was left uncovered.

In some states there are “catfish” that call the governing body about any detail that they want to disrupt regardless if there is any credible information that there are any licensing violations.  The governing bodies in one state in particular is very understaffed with investigators and this causes a back log of matters that are more pressing.  In essence they call to disrupt the body and the company that is working legally.  In the story above the caller to the governing body was protecting the “Craft” and I applaud that.

The story was a glimmer of light that there are guys out there that see it the same way I do.  Regardless of the fact that this specific state makes all legitimate companies jump through firey hoops in order to get legal, they also go after those “catfish” that sneak in under the rader and steal the money from the guys that are ready to operate legally.  It is better to manage and foster relationships with other companies and specialists than taking that chance.  Sanctions are not a good look.

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