There’s a difference between being hungry, needing to nourish yourself and craving.

Being hungry is your bodies overwhelming desire to ingest food. The necessity to nourish yourself is the need to put essential nutrients in your system in order to operate (function) effectively. To crave is to fiend for something that your body has been addicted to.

We can go a day without eating. In fact people fast regularly for religious and purification reasons.

Nourishment on the other hand is the fuel to make your machine operate at it’s highest level. Long distance runners prepare for races by loading with proper nutrients in order to last. They get hungry but don’t stop to eat.

Craving is the worst of all. We crave simple sugars, coffee, cigarettes etc. Of all of the above this is the one that hinders us while working. Craving can take you off your game mentally and physically.

You can’t beat hunger and you have to be nourished. But cravings can an must be dealt with. On long extended hours cravings can and will be your biggest nemesis.

I am blogging this because I have made a personal commitment to work on my coffee addiction and how it plays havoc on me while working.

What do you crave? Do you find yourself craving during work?

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