Days Like today

That I appreciate the BPI brand and all that we’ve stood for and demand. I am in Europe with a very high profile client. The arrival was very late last night however I knew that his cicada rhythms would still be on stateside.

What I did was forced myself not to get on the swing of local time. In doing that I alleviate getting tired when he is wide awake or get a second wind. My experience with him taught me that he can go and go and go like an elite athlete. That being the case i had train myself to compete in some sort of way.

This morning at approximately 1000 local time he texted me and asked if I was up. I told him i was outside his door. His reply was, ” I didn’t expect anything less”. That meant alot to me.

You see relationships are forged just like minister said by building expectations through professionalism. He was just confirming what he already knew about me. And by doing that he, in some way, reinforced why he has kept us around for many years and the money was worth it.

This blog isn’t a straight forward EP 101 course today. The message here is do the right thing always even if it isn’t popular.  Understanding where you need to be and when you need to be there is an innate behavior within that doesn’t tussle with the desire to be noticed and honored.  For many the desire to receive accolades takes control of your real need to remain professional.  This may sound philisophical in nature but in reality it really means, do what you’re supposed to do and stray away from the desire to be seen and heard.

For instance, when cameras start flashing and you have an inner desire to make sure you’re in the picture, you need to check yourself and your motivations.  Any picture that has been  taken of me has been done when I was in the process of protection.  I’m never posing, as if I am part of the party.  These small things make days like today happen for me all the time.  Irrespective of where I am, Liberia or Europe I never lose touch with what it is and was that got me to these days.

If you think you may be straddling that line and don’t have anyone to discuss this with, let’s talk.  My lines of communication are always open for serious professionals.  Ask around and people will tell you that I am open and I return emails and calls.  And the bst part of it is that I don’t want anything i return other than your honest attempt at helping this industry get better.

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