Digesting what is pertinent

This blog is not as earth shattering as any of the others but I am not sure how much any specialist gets engrossed in the news everyday.  I, for one, start my day before I walk out the door, look at the local news to see if I am walking into a crap storm.  I also look on my iPhone and pull up the “Headline” news on the 8 apps I have populated in a folder to see what has been reported around the world while I was slumbering.

If I am doing administrative work throughout the day, I keep network news on to stay abreast of events, locally and abroad.  As I sift throught the political rhetorical non-sense I mentally file away pertinent information.  Just this morning I heard that approximately 20,000 shoulder fire missiles are missing from a Libyan stockpile.  No matter who you are and who you protect, this should placed as actionable information.  What I mean is that if these missiles are not found, there is a sincere problem here.  The problem was that all of the news stations did not report this with any concern or fervor.  could it be that we are concerned that people will stop flying due to fear or are the other stations waiting for more information?  I am not sure but I would personally like to have the information as it is.  Even if the report starts by saying, “There are unconfirmed reports that shoulder fire missiles……”  The irony is that they day that Michael Jackson died, ALL of the news stations reported that there were reports coming out of Califormia.

Traversing these missiles around through austere terrain won’t be hard for any bad guy who has an ulterior goal in mind.  The reason it’s important to me is that I will purposely caveat that information for the purposes of my client’s protection and flying in that region.  In addition, I will start contacting all of my Intel guys and companies to obtain more specific intel that I can digest as an overall threat picture.

If you are the type of specialist that glosses over the news and rather watch reality TV, you need to re-shuffle your priorities and stay current with events.  The last thing you would want is to be called by a client and asked what you know or what do you think about such and such.

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