Distress signals

Scenario- you’re at a meet an greet with your protectee. In the crowd you see a person that has been vocal about your protectee and the decisions he/she has made with the company or a person that has been recently terminated from the company and his/her release from the company was not cordial. Your protectee is engrossed in making sure that he shakes everyones hands. How do you communicate to him/her that it’s time to leave in a non dynamic way? “Sir that knucklehead you fired last week is here”. I think not. “We need to get out of here NOW!”. Maybe, but not all the time nor is it discreet.

A pre-planned word or pre specified touch on a certain place on their person (place where you normally wouldn’t touch during normal protective operations is not good-like their back. You may have to touch their back throughout the day for various reasons so you don’t want that to be your non vocal distress signal).
Second option is a word that is not normally used in general conversation. Once communicated he/she will know without explanation what you mean. In all of this, it’s always good to periodically remind, re-educate the protectee what the signal and word is.

Just as important you need to make sure that the notification goes both was. They need to be able to communicate to you discreetly if they feel uncomfortable and want to vacate. It’s or thing to see distress in a protectee’s eyes but that can be misconstrued. Hearing a word that is not normally used in normal conversation will get your attention. Remember, positioning will not always afford you the view of a protectee’s face and, you can’t spend the entire time staring at them. He/she will think you’re weird and you can’t watch for a threat if you’re looking into your protecee’s dreamy eyes.

Just another option to show your worth with your protectee. Hopefully you’ve done all your pre work and never have to use it.

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