Do I care?

Just did the pre con meeting and met with the head of security about the event.
After the pre con he and I met off line and he starts the conversation by asking if I’ve done any High risk work overseas. Then he tells me he has extensive work in the box. Really? But have you translated all of that experience to what I need from you starting tomorrow?
I’ve been down this road before with a guy who claimed he did some work with BW. He was invited by one of my guys to shoot with us at a private range in Richmond VA. His M4 had all the bells and whistles. He was wearing all the high speed stuff. He gets up to shoot and gets in his pose like he’s deploying from a CAT vehicle, presents his weapon, aims and NOTHING! Mr high speed low drag doesn’t have his bolt in his weapon.
Show me what you know and leave the bs talking to the barbershop.

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