Do we compete in this business?

In most businesses like Apple, Microsoft. McDonalds and Wendy’s, Ford and GMC there is a competition or competitive edge that strives within each entity to garner customers. Each company has a team as well as teams within teams that work tenaciously to outdo the other. They gather intel on what the other company is doing in order to stay ahead of them.

Is there a competition amongst companies, specialists, and schools in this industry? If deliverables are a translated into what we do then each if the above entities has to be addressed separately in this blog.

Specialists – the competition is garnered in who’s bio is more conducive to a specific detail or company. The competition comes in when a specialist decides to talk down about other guys that have submitted their bios. This is prevalent in the industry and is very unhealthy. Whenever you try to take the focus off of yourself and isolate on someone else, it is a sign of insecurity.

Companies – the competition amongst companies is different than that of
the aforementioned entities I’ve used as a comparative. Companies compete through the services they claim they can provide, their past history on what they’ve done and their price point. Price wars have come to be the prevailing edge in the security competition. Specialists nowadays are mostly lone wolves aka contractors that bounce from detail to detail, company to company. The result- a company that professes to produce a product using individuals that compete amongst themselves in the protection marketplace. Get the picture now?

Schools – academies or schools compete by adding accent to the main course. it seems that schools have flowed from teaching, to professing at what they teach. Another trend is that every school is adding a “special” additive to the meat of their courses. The chefs are current and former operators from XYZ detail in the sand box, on leave that is now part timing as an instructor. Word to the wise. Everyone can not teach and every teacher can’t operate. That’s not to say that it’s true for all but it’s true for the trend. The point here is that schools have to have a “draw” to set them apart from the next school.

The other trend, a sad one at that, are the schools out there that base their reputation on being able to get you in and get you out. These are the places that specialists shop around for to get their licenses renewed with the least amount of time spent. There are a few in this area and the competition standard is based off the secret brotherhood model. Come in, sign the roll sheets, pay and we’ll forward your paperwork downtown. Question is: how do cheaters compete against each other when the whole premise behind competition is based on rules.

I truly believe that there is a sense of competition in this market. Whether you feel it’s friendly or unfriendly it exists. The irony of is all is this- the reputable companies coexist because there is plenty to go around, we strive on the idea that if I call upon you for support we both make money.

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