Do you really know

What the duties of the front right seat in the primary vehicle really entail? On arrivals, what do you do? On departures, what do you do?

Do you know what the duties are for the front right seat of the follow car? Upon arrivals, what do you do? Where do you go? What about on departures, when do you mount up?

In the lead vehicle whats the position name of the guy in the front right seat? What does he do on arrivals? Where is he on a departure?

What is a slider? Ah, now I’ve lost some of you. But that position exists in official protection and we teach it in the MTMS course.

Although the name of the position may vary from team to team, does it not make sense for everyone to be on the same page? The quarterback on and NFL team is called and quarterback in boys club and high school ball. He’s never referred to as “the guy that throws the ball really far”

Ask yourself- Are you a student or a professor in this craft of ours. Do you study the nuances between the USSS and State Department? Why should I, you ask? Well for one, 99% of the real professional companies out here use these models in their execution of
services or at least lie that they do.

When you’re at home in your boxers with your wife beater and black dress socks on you-tubing executive protection, start dissecting what they are doing. Granted, YouTube is not a place for a training module but it does help looking at protection as it’s being done rather than having someone spew philosophy at you.

Also, when you’re viewing some of these videos you’ll actually see that some of the guys you hold in high esteem working and the question, “Really?”. Healthy criticism is good if you see something you’d do differently and can articulate why you’d do it differently. It’s not Monday morning quarterbacking but it’s a way to see if you’re really watching what’s going on.

360 degrees of cover, secure the area by vision or presence.

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