Don’t get offended

By now everyone either knows or has heard of my Hawaiian heritage. My skin color has afforded me the ups as well as downs associated with it’s tone. My last name, has always been butchered for as long as I can remember it. I am the shortest member of my family but I have no qualms about my altitude challenges

Growing up I was pulled from both ends of the hue spectrum because black friends thought of me as one of them and my white friends thought of me as neither. I got along with everyone then and now.

As a minority business owner I am constantly pulled again because minority specialists think that I am an automatic placement area for all minorities. Whereas, the white specialists took awhile to see if I was legit. Nowadays, I get bios from every color in the spectrum.

This topic is about sensitivities. When I staff a detail I try to get a mix or blend to show the client that I have dexterity in my staffing abilities. If a client asks for a specific race I don’t question them why, I just reach into my BPI bag of tricks and make that rabbit appear.

I am appalled by the premise that because I am a minority owner that I should solely cater to a certain area. If that were the case I’d only hire short specialists or work for only minority companies.

The other holds true when it comes to size. I got passed up on a huge protectee when I worked for Vance international because the protectee was over 6 foot. Guess what, that same protectee does not travel abroad anywhere without me now. But in someones (GH) narrow mindedness I wasn’t or didn’t fit the billet.

I don’t see color. I only see good or bad. My clients look at me as Eric Konohia the security company owner, who surrounds himself with 2 great partners and makes it happen all the time with good, sound, professional guys.

Some of you are already offended because you thought of me a certain way. I don’t make any apologies for accepting everyone for who they are. If you’re good at what you do and constantly striving to get better- send me your contact info. If you think you know all that you need to know and don’t have room to learn- there are several shops out there looking for you. But the letters B-P-I is not a fit for your kind.

This was a public service announcement for the group – Can we all just get along.

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