Don’t open that door

Anyone that has done protection and arrived at venues like hotels, parties etc where doormen populate the arrival apron have all experienced this phenomenon.

As the car arrives and for various reasons, you don’t have a site specialist, the doorman zeroes in on the rear right door to open it. Your security protocols always dictate that the door never is opened by anyone other than you once you’ve deemed the area safe upon arrival. What do you do?

Let me start by telling you what you don’t do. You don’t wind down the window and yell at the guy, “Don’t open that door, or I got that!!”. You dont wave your arms feverishly from the front right seat, looking like you’re having a seizure. All of this brings unnecessary attention to you and your principal. Moreover, it decreases your professional look.

What you should do upon arrival is, as you approach the apron look squarely at the doorman, and get eye to eye contact because he sees you first. Once eye contact is established I rotate my head side to side calmly in the “no” fashion and at the same time raise my right hand to my chest with my index finger pointed upward and give him the secondary “no” signal by calmly moving it side to side. If that doesn’t get his attention your last resort is this. You slightly open your door, turn slightly to the right, extend your right hand below the principal’s window line and with an open palmed gesture, you signal no.

This technique never fails. It alleviates you losing timing factors with positioning yourself between the principal and the arrival area. Remember that most attacks happen in and around the vehicle. Having maximum control of your primary victor/limo is important.

The other issue is that when that door opens, your principal will automatically get out 99 out of 100 times and not pay attention whether you’re in position or not.

Working harder=working smarter. I can guarantee that in as many schools you’ve attended, NO ONE has taught you this procedure. Stay tuned and keep looking at the MTMS.com page for Mark’s open training dates coming up in conjunction with BPI, and learn the craft from the “guy on the ground” tried and true perspective. Learning protection by the numbers is robotic and robots have no brain. We teach mindset and how to use the most important muscle you have – your brain housing group. Additionally, Mark’s AOP’s are set up for you to fail. In that, it forces you to think about where you fell short and more importantly makes you think harder throughout your journeys as a specialist.

Try this out and see how the B Group magic works.

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