Don’t you think I should know that

We just completed a 3 day detail in DC and was responsible for a large group of very high profile decision makers.
A day before the event I attended the pre con meeting at tue venue. After the meeting concluded I spoke one on one with the security manager of the venue. We spoke over the main information yet i asked as always, “Are there any other EP teams working in the building and are there any other guests that have a threat that will raise the threat to the venue.
He told me of some african delegates that would be coming with security as well as a russian block dignitary. I was good with the information.
The first day went without a hitch and after a 12 hour day it didn’t appear to be any adverse attention to our group nor any extra movements by the above mentioned guests.
Yesterday on day 2 me and call sign No Chow were discussing detail information about a movement, when the venue security manager walked up and held a conversation with us. About 5 minutes passed and I noticed a gentleman exit the elevator area surrounded by about 5 guys. They clearly were not security but possibly staffers. All of them were intently listening to the man in their midst.
The security manager said, “thats the head of the IMF, he’s staying here.”. In my mind I was saying, “What, I asked you if there were any persons if concern here”.
My problem was this was the week of the IMF meeting in DC and as usual security was high near the IMF building and protectors were in the high numbers as usual.
I immediately reported to my client of the concern in which he relayed the information to his board members.
This blog is to remind you that when you deal with these security managers it is important and prudent to check in with them regularly to get a sitrep. Meeting with them prior to arriving may be good for some if they feel you are important. But a friendly check in daily by the DL of CP would not hurt.

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