Each one teach one

I have been asked by several security specialists if I could mentor them in their quest for professionalism.

I am humbled by their request yet surprised that some of these specialists already have EP schools under their belt. In essence they’ve paid their money, went through a school and kicked to the street.

My personal opinion is that once you’ve signed off on their diploma you own them. By saying that I mean your responsible for their birth into the industry and you should take charge of their growth. I am not disillusioned by the fact that no school can guarantee any graduate work upon completion, but you should keep grooming them along their path to professionalism.

I remember being assigned to the residence of S-98. During those days the only way you got off the ambassadors property was by being “tapped” by a senior Vance agent. I was content in my place at the time, always assured that my work ethic would prevail throughout the company. (History break – Vance international was started by Chuck Vance who a former USSS agent. Vance international was viewed in many circles as a pioneer in the private EP business). Then along came the one guy who had a reputation in the company and business-Mark Fair call sign Minister. Long story short he gave me the tap and blessing to work the ambassadors mother with him. After 2 weeks with him I was put on the “good to go” list. I never forgot that opportunity that he gave me. I do the same for others. Call sign No Chow was introduced to me through another trusted asset- Rhino. I met him and his brother-in-law in DC on a volunteer detail. I liked what I saw. I invited them both to go shooting with me and minister so that he could see what I saw. TAP! TAP!

Once again I’m about to stroll down “step on some toes street”. I am getting emails from aspiring specialists every week asking if I can mentor them, make suggestions on schools, who should they send their bio to etc. An inordinate amount of these emails and some calls are coming from people who have attended so called notable schools.

Let’s define notable in this context. Is it the quality of the end product or the amount product at the end that is the factor in being a good school. I understand that schools are big business but when is the line drawn between quantity vs quality.

If you’re pumping out class after class, that’s fine. Is there any vetting standard and more importantly do you help them after the fact.

I’m not going to out anyone specifically on blast on this venue because by reading this you already know who you are. In the meantime I will gladly help these aspirants whenever I can.

Stop throwing out the babies with the bath water.

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