EP the modern day JD

Juris Doctor, the degree conferred upon graduating from law school.  For most lawyers the most stressful part comes next-THE BAR.  If they pass then the matriculate into society amongst the other countless attorneys looking for work.  The grind of an attorney trying to find work is almost parallel to that of an EP specialist.  If for a moment you allow your mind to follow me here I will further compare us in a way that is scary.

Attorneys sell a service that has been mocked and ridiculed over the years.  There are just as many lawyer jokes out there as there are blonde jokes or polish jokes (most of which are not funny).  Just the other day I heard my first protection joke from a client (again, wasn’t funny).  He asked me, “You know to keep a secret?”  “Don’t hire security.”  Not at all funny but I got his message.  The odd thing was that this gentleman is a lobbyist with a Ph.D and to think that in all of his lofty ideas and thoughts he had been watching current events.  When I asked him where he heard that he told me it was told at a board meeting.  In that board meeting they were going over the possibility of contracting a security team for their firm.  Again, not funny.

The people who are out there faking the craft remind me of the jailhouse attorneys that spend their personal time in the prison library studying from law books and case studies and instantaneously become experts within their prison walls.  Oddly enough, other prisoners know who to go to within those walls for legal advice.  The self made prison lawyer.  This is where our craft is.  We have self made protection specialists, without formal training, providing a service that many of us put sweat equity and thousands of dollars in.   Is my analogy a leap in itellect?  Not really.

The other comparison is that for the most part lawyers are just like us in the fact that they are action dependant.  The average American calls an attorney when something has happened.  Unless you are ontracted with a client as their full-time go to expert, they come to us after some event has occurred, rarely is it procactive.  We need to shift that faulty mindset and belief.

And then there is the comparison between the amount of lawyers who are actively employed in their field to that of legitimate specialists that are sitting at home doing the same thing.  The Wallstreet Journal wrote an article that compared those that are actively employed to those that are not.  Moreover they bring light to two places where the numbers are lower because the bar can be waived or you can practice without taking the bar.  Sound familiar?  There are states within our nation where EP is not even recognized and the only resemblance to what we do falls under the uniform security laws.  We travel to Las Vegas often and one of the things that amazes me is that the majority of the billboards are of lawyers or law firms.  How do you choose 1 from the other?  it’s the same here.  If a person has the money they will tend to go to the firm that has a sound history of winning.  This is where the comparison parts ways.  Corporate clients in our industry have gravitated towards recommendations of their peers.  The industry is a mixed bag of nuts for them.  Interesting enough, we have found that these same corporate clients are fully aware of what they DON’T want.  As I have mentioned before, the Fallujah incident brought attention to protective services that has melded high threat protection and executive protection under one umbrella and a corporate client will not shy from saying that they are not interested in having specialists from this platform.  They draw conclusions based off of what they have seen and heard from the media and not from what they have heard from an industry expert.

The best way for them to understand the difference is like explaining if you need a lawyer for a criminal case you won’t hire a real estate attotney to defend a DWI case.  However, that does not preclude an attorney that has practiced real estate law from immersing themselves into criminal law procedures and changing their field of focus.  Same here!

I honestly do not think that the average specialist understands the turmoil we are in.  Partly due to the fact that they are on the grind to get work and the intellectual battle amongst teh experts is not something they are worried about.  The average protection company owner is making sure that everytime he hits the light switch in his office, the lights actually come on.  There are  very few of us actively trying to fix this and the number gets exponentially smaller when you look to see who is taking a stand VOCALLY.  Rise up and get to work.

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