Evacuate the CEO’s

This past week I blogged about our detail in DC covering a large meeting of over 100 major CEO’s at their annual meeting. This group alone can and does make changes that effect all of us.
On day 2 when I was pushing the posts I was walking by the lower level elevator hall where there are three (3) elevator bays. I noticed that elevator #1 was open. Upon investigating the open cubicle I observed an unattended black back pack.

Immediately my brain started processing my immediate action. First, I radioed my specialist upstairs to contact the security manager of the venue to advise him of the situation. Short of his arrival, I had to come up with an immediate action decision. The CEO’s were in a closed meeting about 35 meters north of the elevator yet clearly in the blast area. The fact that the elevator was locked open caused me to elevate my threat because the open door would channel the potential blast towards their meeting space. The mere fact that the elevator was Locked open directed me to think-intent. All of this could have been way off but given what I had before me I couldn’t second guess my natural protective instincts. Lastly, the IMF was meeting 3 blocks away and as usual all of the eccentric protestors had converged onto DC.

A minute or so passed and no security manager! “Ok, time to evacuate”. As I started towards the meeting space, elevator 2 opens and I observe a young male exit and walk to the locked open elevator. “Don’t go in there!” He said, “I’m working on this elevator”. I noticed his shirt said Otis elevator.

I immediately gave him the BLUES. He said that he had to get a key and I told him that I didn’t care, “Take that damn backpack with you”.

When the CEO’s broke from their session I told the President or the organization and informed him of what had transpired and that I was seconds from evacuating the group through the secondary egress He looked perplexed at my answer. I told him that the secondary egress would have been used because even if the backpack was a diversion I had to consider the fact that it may be a way to channel all the CEOs to the front exit where the real attack could be waiting. He gave me a affirmative wink and said thats why you’ve been with us for 7+ years.

For the next day and a half I was approached and applauded by many of the CEOs, many of which had seen me over the years and never spoken a word to me before.

Gradient scale about 7.5.

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