Excerpt from the upcoming eBook

Here is an excerpt from the upcoming eBook that I am doing. In the first series I will talk about the PROPER process in to getting into this industry, the misnomers about having law enforcement or military backgrounds as well as what happens behind the scenes that determines how much you’ll make. Anyone that is claiming they make $700+ a day in the US is an anomaly, and not the standard. More importantly, if you are driven to this industry because of these anomalies, turn left on your due course because you’re headed into a wall of disappointment. This excerpt is focused on the post EP school completion process

Once you’ve completed the school the easiest part is over. Now comes the hard part. Do NOT, I repeat, Do NOT just send your new bio out to every company you hear about. Aligning yourself with the wrong people can plague you and label you a leper in this industry so shop carefully. I encourage you to vet the company. Make sure they’re doing EP and not just saying that. Everyone that claims to be doing EP doesn’t. The second reason is that if the company has a bad reputation with paying their guys in a timely fashion you don’t want to be a bill collector chasing down your $300 for a day’s work. There are many ways to vet a company, but the best way is by asking people that have worked for them. This is a very small community and one message on the social network will get you a response. Last resort call me, I know or know of the main players in this industry.

Keep your options open; if you sign an exclusive contract with a company make sure you are going to be working. No one wants to be an indentured slave. Some companies make you sign contracts that force you to only work for them during a detail. What that does is to insure them that their standard manpower never drops. If you’re working 3 days a week for them at X-dollars and I call you and say that I have a detail that’s paying $360 a day and guarantee you 5 days a week, you’re going to jump at my opportunity. However under their contract you are stuck.

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