Exerting your expertise

When it comes to our style of security,a cleint needs to trust that we are handling their interests first and foremost.  If you have an expertise in a certain area and you are asked to do a proposal for a potential detail in that specific arena it is important that you exude that expertise without coming across cocky.  I have clients that I have conducted special event security for and they never question my recommendation when it comes to manpower needs, room set up and other security matters associated to the event.

When it comes to certain geographic areas I am more comfortable exuding my expertise due to my travels and relationships with the local government and indigenous population and culture.  Every now and again you will run across a client and irrespective of  your experience will think they know better than you when it comes to security.  This is not the time to argue and flex your muscles, but it is a time to set the groundwork on your standards.  Popping smoke on a potential client on the front end is not unethical especially when it puts your standards and integrity is on the line.

Going to an austere country where there are known terrorist sympathizers is not the time to sign on with a local unvetted security company to provide or augment your coverage.  This happened to me some time ago and the guys that were forced upon me were former combatants of the former regime.  So here I am again, asked to provide a service and work with and alongside an unknown group.  It is apparent that the client’s ultimate goal is making the road less traveled uneasy and bumpy for them, but this is what I do.  Trust has to come or this brand will not jeopardize all that it has worked hard for.

The good thing is that the person I am working through to this client gets it and his relationship is a bond that trust is common.  There is no room for, “I told you so” when lives are on the line. And as a former client told me, “We don’t play the blame game.”  That’s usually a statement when they are wrong.

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