Exterior influences on focus

Yesterday I received a call from a client that needed a rapid response to a potential issue. After getting all of the facts of the problem I immediately put in place an assessment and a surveillance on the tango.

What you should know is that for the last 2 months I have been dealing with someone near and dear to me who was hospitalized and condition had worsened. In fact, when I took the call i was returning from the hospice center to see him/her. Irrespective of what I had personally going on I knew how to refocus on the task at hand.

Later last night I was putting together the response to the client to let them know what our intentions were. Just before I made the call I received a call from my brother that the person we loved had passed. I gathered myself and made the call to the client.

Now your asking yourself, why does he think this is important. Maybe it isn’t to you but to me it is. You see the person that had passes away taught me the importance of living by my creed. Do what you say you’ll do (serve) and mean what you say -tenacity/ integrity/ zeal/ sacrifice.

The legacy this person left allowed me to focus and forge on. There is time to grieve during grieving time. But now my son I want you to continue my legacy of hard work and endurance.

I will always miss you mom. I hope I continue to make you and dad proud.


  1. Cali


    I'm sorry for your loss bro. I extend my condolences. If there is anything I can do for you, ask bro.

  2. BPI Security

    Thanks Cali. I appreciate that.

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