FBO and general aviation

For those of us that have had the luxury of flying private understand the complexities of flying under the cover of a tail number and not a flight number associated with commercial flights.

Some of the conveniences, but not limited to are; ease of boarding and deplaning the vessel, little to no security lines, and expeditious transference associated with the VIP service.

Some of the downsides associated with the VIP service is: lower security levels, inability to flow without curious onlookers in the FBO (fixed base operations). The biggest issue I have with general aviation or FBO’s is the fact that there is no anonymity on tail numbers and the package that is arriving. My recent protecee arrived at 0100 and upon my arrival at 2300 there were fans and gawkers already posted up awaiting his/her arrival. I informed the port liaison that she would need to address these individuals that we would not stop for any grip and grin nor meet and greets. This was her venue and I assured her that someone under her umbrella leaked the arrival. I was clear about my disdain.

I purposely sat in the VIP lounge to not telegraph the arrival and to alleviate any ear hustling. At approximately 0055 she informed me that my protectee’ plane was on approach. I waited until the transfer vehicle arrived at the FBO and made myself visible to the protectee. I nodded my head to the left thereby giving him/her our signal that people were positioned to greet him. We passed by the crowd without incident.

Several days later I called the PL and made sure our departure was set. Here is another instance where flying private helps. I sent the luggage ahead of us. That allows for the bags to be already loaded on the plane upon our arrival. This is accomplished due to the fact that the crew must be on the plane an hour before take off. Upon our arrival we just show our passports, go through the limited security check? get in the transfer vehicle and board.

Here is another BPI free be. Depending on the status and notoriety of your protectee you can actually send someone ahead with the luggage as well as the passports of the travelers, get all of them stamped and cut another 3 – 10 minutes off your static time in the FBO. You need, I say again, you need to make contact with the PL the day before to make arrangements for this executive service. Otherwise there will be some upset travelers arriving who think that they will not experience a delay. Never, and I mean NEVER promise this until you’ve made pre arrangements that it will happen.

Flying private is sweet but you have to know how to work the executive perks.

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