Fear is a mind killer. It’s that little evil that disintegrates me from the inside out. I must learn how to face it and control it. Therefore there is no such thing as fear. Or

There are different levels of fear. I personally believe and accept fear as a tool/asset if harnessed in the right way.

Fear is generated internally and with the same energy it takes to fester you can reverse it to trap it and use it to your benefit. External factors, whether real or imaginary have to be faced and dealt with in order to obtain sobriety in your process.

If you’re sent on a task for the very first time, such as your very first advance, your fear level is different than that of an PSD operator going out on his first motorcade.

The fear associated with the site agent is the fear of missing an important part of the evolution of the site visit of the protectee. Is my ingress and egress covered for arrivals and departures? Are my posts set up properly to effectively cover my principal? Have I set up an adequate location to stage the motorcade for an effective and safe egress or hot extraction? The list goes on.

The PSD operators list is just as much cumbersome however the inherent threat associated with the mission coupled with past lethal occurrences weigh heavy on the fear factor. Is my kit fully prepped for this mission? Are my weapons operational? Have I trained effectively? Etc etc.

In both cases-success is the ever present intended goal. How you harness and manage the fear factor will dictate how you get to the intended outcome-SUCCESS.

The measure of success can be tiered. It can be the satisfaction of my team mates after their doubt in me accomplishing my first advance or returning to base after a contact free trip through Fallujah.

In my humble opinion, a void or lack of fear is dangerous. Well harnessed and managed fear gives you a key ingredient called – FOCUS.

The lack of apprehension or fear is a willy nilly approach and can be overtaken by lack of direction. Fear releases adrenaline that converts you from prey to predator. Your ocular acuity becomes that of a hawk descending upon it’s prey. His wings fold back and his descent is expedited with less coefficient of friction yet he rarely misses his mark. This is the same process that transcends within us during the fear process.

Do not get this mixed up with the fight or flight evolution. That’s another topic and process in which to handle that enigma.

In closing, you and only you control what and when fear is and what it becomes. The inner power to birth fear is the same energy to incapsulate it for good. No fear is not always a good thing.

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