“Get that bag for me”

There is always a hefty discussion on whether a specialist working a protection detail should carry bags for the protectee.

I’ve heard people say emphatically, “I don’t carry bags!”. Understand this, corporate EP has evolved into sometimes being considered Executive Concierge service. There have been times when I did not want to carry a bag bit did it anyway. The key was my mindset at the time. I thought, “If something goes down how will i respond?”. I knew by carrying the bag i was giving up something but I used forward thinking to prepare myself in the event something went wrong.

As a business owner I also know that telling a client that I don’t carry a bag can end a contractual agreement sooner and someone who will carry the bag will end up with the client.

I have one client in particular that when we travel abroad his friend has handed me a bag and he instructed that person, I want Eric’s hands free in the event he has to perform. He’s been a client since 2000 and has been educated in the sweet science of EP. Many corporate CEO’s won’t see it that way and may opt for the old theory “I’m paying you all of this money, nothing has happened so far. Why can’t you carry this bag.

It’s a tough decision especially if you’re working alone. If there is more than one specialist it can easily be managed.

Truth be told. I don’t like carrying bags. But I have.

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