Get your act together! Take 2!

I have repeatedly spoke about “Image”.  Too many people in this business don’t take this factor serious in their quest for business whether as a independant specialist or company owner.  I make concerted effort everyday to make sure that any extension of BPI- Specialists, website, social media etc portrtays a professional image.

I view every bio and profile of follower on twitter, and linkedin request.  If there is no profile, no picture -acceptance denied.  I check the tweets, and posts to make sure that the image or message is consistent with the message that BPI puts out.  Anything short of that will be a conflict of what BPI stands for.

My serious followers understand and respect what I am doing and just yesterday a fellow colleague on twitter Rich Roth inttoduced me to one his his friends Stephanie Schwab who started guiding me on little thing that would increase my branding.  I started following the links that she requested and found a plethora of information on HubSpot that I found amazing.  I subscribed to a “free” eBook about twitter and just from the quick reading I realized that the underscore in my username BPI_Security was a sign of being unaware of social norms.  Hence, the new username on twitter is BPISecurity.  This may seem miniscule to most but to me anything that improves the professional branding of BPI will be augmented and changed.  I then visited HubSpot’s YouTube channel and subscribe for the free tutorials.

It’s time for everyone to take an honest look at yourself, your company and ask if you are doing the absolute best for your business.  As security specialists and experts, there is an expectation that follows what you claim you do.  Take the profanity and negativity out and speak specifically to what you do.  If you can’t convey your messages without it then you really need to change industries.

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