Good Idea or money making gimmick?

Yesterday as I was bounding through the social media sites I ran across and interesting tweet from BodyguardIDS that offered a few identification folio’s for executive protection specialists as well as Personal Protection Specialists, Close Protection Officer, Executive Protection Agent and an Agency Executive Protection Specialist.  The identification resembles that of an “official cred”.  On the face of it I love the idea as well as the attempt to standardize our craft.  I plan to order one and get the word out to help authenticate this credential.  This is a baby step in the right direction.

I can see many perks to this ID.  In an unofficial “non-governmental” capacity it can help any specialist legitimize who he is when doing an EP capacity task.  Rather than going through my wallet and pulling out the appropriate State issued card as identification, I will be producing an ID that looks almost like a US issued cred that resembles that of a US Passport.  On an official capacity, I would never do this, but rather I’d produce my state issued cards.

The Bodyguard ID has your photo, your name, height, weight, hair and eye color, your agency number, your statewide CCW number and you picture on it.  There is a barcode at the bottom that stores your information that the company guarantees will be kept confidential, but if scanned produces the same info shown on the card. This is where they lose me.  If I am asked to produce my ID to a government official I would not produce this non government ID and risk getting in the trick bag.  This is no difference that when the Department of State advises us to make a copy of our passports.  That copy is for informational purposes only and can not be used as a replacement for the real thing.  That being said, I do love this ID, but it is a novelty item until we get standardization across the board.  The second item I see as a possible glitch is that there are different titles for what you claim you do.  Before you start screaming at me, I know that different states call our craft different things.  However, there is something in a name.  BPI and MTMS stopped using the words Agent and Operator in the description of their personnel.  However we are not naive to the fact that there are people out there that want to be referred to as such.  You will often find some push back from guys who are former Federal agents and guys from the Special Operations community that will look at you as a goof using titles that were exclusively used in their respective fraternities.  The same goes with the title Security Officer and Security Guard.  All of these are attempts to officialize a private sector position.  It’s a close second to perping.

The cards are priced pretty reasonable for what you get and it comes in its own 3×5 duty leather folio.  I am endorsing this item and encourage those of you that want to take a step towards the standardization of this craft.

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  1. Chris

    These are a great novelty, but I too would not produce this to an official if questioned about my credentials. It would be better to remove the barcode, put a plastic pocket for our state cards and standardize the name to bada*&^. Just kidding on that last name part, but seriously a name standardization needs to be done. We all know what we do and if your team buys these with different names I think it takes some of your credibility away and does not look professional.

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